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Movie #13 Buried

In Uncategorized on September 26, 2010 at 6:14 AM

Movie #13 Buried

(USA, 2010, d. Rodrigo Cortes)

This movie takes place in a coffin. I don’t mean a most of it, or part of it – I mean all of it. It starts in the coffin, never leaves the coffin, and ends in the coffin. Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) wakes up in a coffin with a cellphone and a knife. He’s buried six feet under in Iraqi soil and needs to come up with 5 million dollars otherwise he stays. I think a Rotten Tomato reviewer said it best:

Wringing a seemingly impossible amount of gripping drama out of its claustrophobic premise, Buried is a nerve-wracking showcase for Ryan Reynolds’ talent.

I haven’t felt this hooked in a theater since Inception. The movie carried an intensity so unexpected, it blew me off my feet. Plus it’s a great wagon for Reynolds to showcase his truly legit dramatic chops. It’s on limited release here in Los Angeles but be sure to catch it when goes into wide release October 8, 2010. A great theater movie.


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