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Movie #29 11:14

In Uncategorized on October 12, 2010 at 8:12 PM

Movie #29 11:14

(2003, US, d. Greg Marcks)

It’s a simple, almost amateur-filmmaker concept: A movie about different lives all intersecting at one moment in a day, but Marcks’ handling of the film is precise and throttling. A beautiful “cause-and-effect” chain in a small town is illustrated here. Not a single strand is left untouched and the viewers are given the privilege of understanding every motivation and behavior. That said, some of the characters seemed weaker than other and after understanding the weak theme that no one is innocent, it’s hard not to ask yourself, “So what?” A tense and taut dark comedy/thriller, it does leave you wondering what the point of the movie was by the end.


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