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Movie #31 Away We Go

In Uncategorized on October 15, 2010 at 5:24 AM

Movie #31 Away We Go

(2009, US, d. Sam Mendes)

This is one of those movies that’s a real gem. No one hears about it but a few filmy kids and all the people they introduce it. It’s generally one of those movies (kind of like Amelie) where only a few people have seen but the ones who have love it. I’m one of those people. I saw this film tonight again for my friend’s birthday and while I wasn’t as moved as when I first saw the film (the first time I literally saw it again the same day), it still showed me why I fell in love with it: the cinematography, the delicate direction of Mendes – almost not even there, the incredible performances of Chris Messina, Maya Rudolph, and John Krasinski – in that order, and finally the beautiful structure of the film. Touching vignette after vignette inspired by a location that provide the lead couple with the lessons they need to raise their expecting child.

(frames via moviesinframes)

  1. I loved this movie. This weekend for break, my cousin and I were deciding which movie to watch, so I told him about your blog and we searched for one that seemed interesting. I’m a huge fan of Jon Krasinski, as is he, and your review seemed interesting, so we watched this. I loved it. My cousin and I agreed that we’re going to start watching movies on my breaks from college, and next on our list is TiMER, because your review of that one seemed interesting too. Thanks!

  2. You should absolutely check out TiMer. It’s a very easily movie to watch but it’s also very good – a lot like Away We Go. And thank you so much for reading my blog. That means so much. You have no idea.

  3. I loved this movie as well.

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