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Movie #39 TiMER

In Uncategorized on October 26, 2010 at 8:50 PM

Movie #39 TiMER

(2010, US, d. Jac Schaeffer)

TiMER accomplishes something very few indie films can: it manages to be about more than any one small thing and instead capsule an element of life instead. It’s an incredibly original concept and belongs to a genre not so common to viewers: the sci-fi romantic comedy. It takes place in present day where a company called “TiMER” inserts little stop-clocks on people’s arms that will countdown to the moment that person makes eye contact with their true love. The only catch: Both people must have TiMERS on their arms for the thing to work. Otherwise, it just reads blank. Such is the rut our protagonist is stuck in. She and her sister (who is set to zero out in 15 years) both meet people who begin to change them even though they both know they are not their “ones”.  It’s a beautifully contrived film that, by speaking on our society’s views on fate and “the one”, manages to speak more on our ability to choose instead. Plus, the soundtrack is great, too.


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