Aneesh Chaganty

Movie #45 The Godfather, Part II

In Uncategorized on November 2, 2010 at 8:20 AM

Movie #45 The Godfather, Part II

(1974, US, d. Francis Ford Coppola)

Though its running time is an obvious downside to the film (200 minutes), strangely at the end I wanted to see more. It’s a phenomenon only afforded to me I think by the Godfather films – well at least the first two. Thankfully, I can say this is one of those sequels that deserved the Best Picture it picked up. I don’t know if Best Makeup was a category at the Academy in 1974 (the film did pick up Best Art Direction) but one of the most stand-alone aspects of the picture was how much older every single character looked. I honestly wondered how long of a gap it had been for the two to be in production, but as it was only 4 years, it turned out it was the Art Dept. that was creating this confusion. In fact, there was a scene at the end that took place immediately before the events of the first film and I honestly wondered how did they pulled that off artistically. Other than that, it’s all history: acting, screenplay, direction, cinematography .


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