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Movie #48 Collateral

In Uncategorized on November 5, 2010 at 2:30 AM

Movie #48 Collateral

(2004, US, d. Michael Mann)

Continuing my screenings of Michael Mann films, I decided to watch what has always been one of my favorite movies Collateral. I remember seeing it in theaters and praising it for Cruise’s performance, which I then thought was the driving force of the film. It was only after studying it a little more and viewing it six years later do I think I can appreciate it more. It’s easy to imagine this film being helmed by any other name (Tony Scott comes to mind pretty quickly), but Mann turns it into an art-piece. More powerful than the film are the visuals. With its expansive panoramas of Los Angeles County and beautiful and poignant frames of murals, I think this film captures Los Angeles by night better than any film before it has. While Jamie Foxx was the one to be nominated for Best Supporting Actor for the film (He did win that year but for Ray), I believe it was Cruise’s performance that really energizes the film. It’s not the star Tom Cruise, it’s the old and everyman Tom Cruise. The Tom Cruise you wouldn’t notice if he delivered your mail or rang you up at Walgreens. His eyes and voice fluctuations dictate the pace of the film and it’s his command of those two that really provide a great gloss to the film.


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