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Movie #52 Family Business

In Uncategorized on November 11, 2010 at 12:44 AM

Movie #52 Family Business

(1989, US, d. Sidney Lumet)

I’m six movies back from being on pace and a whole lot of work in debt, but the show must go on. Rounding up spot 52 in my MAD Challenge is the hard-to-place-in-any-one-genre film Family Business. It’s classified currently as a Mobster film on Netflix, but that’s ridiculous because no one in the film is actually a mobster. It’s about a con man grandpa (played by Sean Connery), his ex-con man son (played by Dustin Hoffman), and his grandson who wants to follow in his not so legal footsteps (played by Matthew Broderick). There’s a bit of comedy in the beginning and a great heist sequence that reminds me of Lumet’s more recent and incredible Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. I would say that this is a family drama – beautifully acted and subtly directed – about the differences that can tear families apart even between one generation. Though a tad too self-reflexive with the abruptness and tone of the closing credits, the film is a beautiful and oddly touching portrait of three generations of con man.


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