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Movie #60 127 Hours

In Uncategorized on November 21, 2010 at 2:45 AM

Movie #60 127 Hours

(2010, US, d. Danny Boyle)

What easily could have a claustrophobic and lonesome endeavor into the depths of solitude is turned into a fast-moving and electric ride in the hands of Danny Boyle. Loneliness doesn’t feel too lonely in 127 Hours, instead Boyle finds ways to move his camera in the places where action is occurring regardless of the scene. When Franco is hanging alone and takes a sip of water, the camera is the straw as we see the last drops of water sucked away. When Franco must drink his own urine, we are watching the bubbles of urine get sucked into his mouth. We see the inside of his video camera, the inside of his arm as he cuts it, and the inside of his mind when he begins to lose it. It’s a great film about the power to live and the struggle to survive and how it takes moments like these to get us to “feel the sunlight again”. Boyle uses some of the same crew as his last endeavor Slumdog Millionaire – the cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle and the composer A.R.Rahman. The shots are great and the power-house career-defining performance from James Franco as Aron Ralston is Oscar-nomination worthy at least.

  1. […] encountered the same problem here as I did with 127 Hours: there was just to much hype around this film. Everyone who had seen it early or on limited release […]

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