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Movie #73 To Sir, With Love

In Uncategorized on December 2, 2010 at 1:05 AM

Movie #73 To Sir, With Love

(1967, UK, d. James Clavell)

It’s a genre we know very well: the nice teacher comes to a new school, is faced with rebellious teenagers from downtrodden families, and must get tough to change their lives for the better. To Sir, With Love is an early manifestation of that genre and for some reason, the absence of our common modern melodrama makes it so much better. It’s a very simple tale that is significantly bettered with the casting of Sidney Poitier, whose presence alone catapults every scene into greatness. I’m serious. He delivers every line with precision and when he gets angry, it’s actually hard to not give Poitier your full attention. Technically, one of the aspects of the film I really enjoyed was the photo montage, which I rarely see in modern film, let alone classics. It was fresh and with music, almost put a new stroke on the age old use of the montage. The music I am speaking of is a very catchy song performed by a cast member/singer named Lulu entitled “To Sir, With Love” which was Billboard Magazine’s Number 1 pop single of 1967.

  1. […] me say it: it wasn’t as good as the hype. After watching To Sir, With Love, I was expecting a whole lot from Sidney Poitier and this film, especially. […]

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