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Movie #83 Black Swan

In Uncategorized on December 12, 2010 at 12:55 AM

Movie #83 Black Swan

(2010, US, d. Darren Aronofsky)

I encountered the same problem here as I did with 127 Hours: there was just to much hype around this film. Everyone who had seen it early or on limited release came back in shock, saying it was one of the best movies of the decade. Honestly, when I compared it to their word of mouth, it was just decent. Would it be wrong if I thought the entire movie was the most predictable thing? I called the ending within 5 minutes and granted the whole movie isn’t about the ending, I still can’t escape the feeling that I’ve seen this movie somewhere before, where a play the characters are putting on ends up being the script to their own lives. I still can’t think of the name of the film, but that feeling won’t leave. But before you think I didn’t like the picture, let me say I thought it was a masterpiece. Tension was delivered perfectly and it did a great job of building itself up to very thrilling moments. Mixing themes we saw in Requiem for A Dream and The Wrestler, Aronofosky (I think intentionally) creates a wonderful companion piece to the latter. The art direction is superb, the writing is brilliant, the acting above-par (especially Portman, though I wished Cassel would have been used more. He’s such an incredible actor), and the lighting is inspired. Despite the gore and violence, explicit lesbian sex and disturbing content, you can’t help but feel like you are watching a piece of art unfold before your eyes. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was my favorite film of the year, as I no doubt will hear from many people (that honor still goes to The Social Network), but it’s definitely on the top three.

  1. I went into this movie hearing nothing about it and not even seeing a trailer. I loved it. It is definitely worth your time to go see it in theatres!

  2. “where a play the characters are putting on ends up being the script to their own lives.”

    You’re thinking of Synecdoche, New York by Charlie Kaufman.

  3. Maybe you are thinking of Synecdoche, New York

    or perhaps, Adaptation?

  4. […] problems and hatreds, that task is a hard one. Produced by Darren Aronofosky (of this year’s Black Swan), The Fighter is an inspirational story in very adept hands. It may not have the same croud-rousing […]

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