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Movie #87 Anger Management

In Uncategorized on December 16, 2010 at 11:42 PM

Movie #87 Anger Management

(2003, US. d. Peter Segal)

I remember watching this when I was 12 years old on DVD with my family and having to stop it at the scene Woody Harrelson came out as a cross-dresser. My parents thought it was unfunny and very inappropriate. Naturally, even though the film is only PG-13, I still developed a sort of “this movie is really inappropriate” feeling towards the picture ever since. I was at an airport for a lot of yesterday and since I had no connection to the Netflix Instant Play, I decided to watch a friend’s DVD copy of the film. So there’s my excuse. Now onto the movie. Going in with terrible expectations is always a good thing in a film, especially a comedy, because even if the film ends up being really bad, you still think it was pretty decent because it made you laugh a couple of times. That fact goes for Anger Management. I thought Adam Sandler was funny and even the terrible antics of Jack Nicholson and the weird plot couldn’t take away from some genuinely humorous jokes. I’m not going to sit here and dissect the film, because honestly, some films were never made to be dissected. I laughed occasionally and by the time I closed the laptop, I thought to myself, “That film sucked. But it was funny”. And now West Side’s Story‘s “I Feel Pretty” is stuck in my head.


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