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Movie #94 Another Woman

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Movie #94 Another Woman

(1988, US, d. Woody Allen)

Gena Rowlands stars in this film that is categorized as a “psychological thriller” but is rather a dramatic exploration of a mature woman’s past mistakes. Rowlands plays a woman going though her mid-life crisis as she reevaluates all the faulty relationships in her life and the reasons it got to be that way. The thing that puts all of this into motion is an air duct in an apartment she rents to write that allows sound from the neighboring room to travel. The neighboring room is a psychiatrist’s office and as she listens to one of the patients (played by Mia Farrow), she begins to see the mistakes in her own life present in a complete stranger. Unfortunately, what she doesn’t realize is that it was mostly she who caused the destruction of many relationships. Since the audience is only privy to the present – where we see a very innocent and pondering Rowlands – it’s hard for us to picture a time when the character could have been cunning or rude. But it is here where Allen utilizes his screenplay to put the audience into Rowlands’ shoes. Just as she is only privy to the voice of Farrow’s character, the audience is only privy to the words of strangers or relatives, all who claim at one point or another to have removed emotionally due to Rowland. This is where the smarts of Allen’s film lie: the more and more Rowlands begins to question her own life through a stranger’s voice, the more and more the audience questions Rowlands through other strangers’ words. Set in Allen’s classic New York City, Another Woman is a short, yet lingering film about the (inevitable?) moment in our lives when we begin to question the things around us.


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