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Movie #96 The Apartment

In Uncategorized on December 22, 2010 at 11:50 PM

Movie #96 The Apartment

(1996, France, d. Gilles Mimouni)

The Apartment is almost a two hour long homage to Alfred Hitchcock. Tension is built similarly, similar motifs are used, and the act structure is nearly identical. The film, remade in America as Wicker Park, is a complex and intriguing mystery about a relationship that may not be what it appears to be. Vincent Cassel stars in the film, and as usual, he delivers a fine performance. But the real credit goes to the plot. Though character development and visual exposition and emotion are always important, this is a film that stresses the actual “cause-and-effect” relationship of plot more than anything else. As in a Hitchcock film, something is always happening and characters are constantly being deceived. If you have the time, I would absolutely recommend this film even for an easy movie-goer. Smart and thrilling, The Apartment loses one key characteristic of any Hitchcock film: the happy ending. Instead of neatly tying all of the pieces together, Mimouni decides to leave the film with all the characters in limbo. The actions of the film have ceased, but whether or not there will be any real resolution is completely up in the air.


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