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Movie #118 The Fountain

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Movie #118 The Fountain

(2006, US, d. Darren Aronofsky)

The Fountain is a visually and thematically complex film that demands more than a full attention from the audience. Aronofsky treats the viewers very intelligently and employs only visual clues, limiting the oral signals, to convey his thoughts. The movie is set in three vastly different time spaces: 16th century Spain, present day America, and 2500 AD space. The characters, though different, are played by the same two leads: Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz. Jackman plays a man who is constantly on the search for the eternal Tree of Life, in some way or another to prolong the life or love between he and Weisz. A visual and orchestral treat, Aronofsky weaves an intricate and religious tale off of an old myth. After finishing the movie, it was hard to shake off the feeling that I hadn’t just witnessed visual poetry. It’s difficult to explain what the film was truly about and though I have my theories, I suggest you check this film out. It’s highly artistic, intelligent, beautiful, and contains Jackman’s best screen performance to date.

  1. I follow your mad challenge, aneesh; don’t usually comment, however, I liked your thoughts on this particular film. Its hard to describe what the film is truly about. I remember watching it in the theater and saw the puzzled look in the audiences’ face when the movie ended. Most of them had no idea what they just saw, including myself. I came home and tried to figure out the storyline on the internet, but did not find an answer that satisfyingly fed my curiosity. Had to see the film a couple more times to come up with theories. Its interesting therefore to meet someone else who has seen the film, liked it, and has theories of his own on it. We’ll talk sometime, babu… 🙂

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