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Movie #121 Death at a Funeral

In Uncategorized on January 13, 2011 at 8:09 AM

Movie #121 Death at a Funeral

(2010, US, d. Neil LaBute)

Considering the collection of films I’ve seen for the MAD Challenge this year, Death at a Funeral belongs on the bottom three. Death at a Funeral is the American remake of a fantastic and hilarious British film of the same name. In my opinion, it is one of the funniest films ever made. Neil LaBute, a fantastic and profound playwright, decides to direct a terrible and soulless comedy that takes every joke and manages to make the funniest ones cringe-worthy. Apart from being terribly cast from lead to extra, Death at a Funeral does nothing for itself by being a Black comedy, other than give itself excuses to throw out Black jokes, which did absolutely nothing to the movie. The script is nearly the same but the direction ruins everything. My biggest question though is “why did they remake this in the first place?”. In this modern day and age, access to international films have exponentially increased as have the tastes of filmgoers. In fact most of the people who saw this poor excuse of a movie had already seen the original. But more than analyzing the layers of the film, the bottom line is that this film is everything but funny. Death at a Funeral is so bad that the redeeming factor of the film was the closing credits. Death at a Funeral is so bad I’d rather eat at my college freshman cafeteria for a month. Death at a Funeral is so bad I closed my eyes during the movie because it felt better. Death at a Funeral is so bad I keep refreshing the Rotten Tomatoes page to see if the rating goes down.


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