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Movie #125 The Hangover

In Uncategorized on January 22, 2011 at 9:08 PM

Movie #125 The Hangover

(2009, US, d. Todd Phillips)

What can I say? Everyone has seen this film. I’ve seen this film at least 7 times. Everybody knows it’s the funniest comedy of the past few years, but what I think people actually miss out on is the ingenuity of the movie’s structure. Sure, most of the movie was in the ridiculous situations the characters often found themselves in and the crazy characters we met, but apart from that, when you actually dissect the structure of the screenplay, you can find something really brilliant there. The film plays with time wonderfully and I couldn’t help but recall a certain Indian film with a similar structure that (prior to seeing this film) I had wanted to replicate one day. Memory is always a great thematic utility to employ in a film but it must be done right otherwise it comes off like you’re cheating the audience. This film did that perfectly. Part 2 hits theaters this summer and here’s to hoping it’s just as good.

  1. The only bone I have to pick with this movie is the title… they are only hung over for like an hour.

  2. […] problem with the film, though, is the casting. Pink’s film could easily have been the next Hangover – the only problem is that everyone in it isn’t really that funny. Even Craig Robinson […]

  3. […] to one of the funniest films ever made (The Hangover), The Hangover: Part II is also one of those films that can be described in just a few words: worst […]

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