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Movie #152 A Hard Day’s Night

In Uncategorized on March 3, 2011 at 4:10 AM

Movie #152 A Hard Day’s Night

(1964, UK, d. Richard Lester)

A Hard Day’s Night is one of those films that you can’t really place your finger on why you like it so much, but you just do. Looking at it in hindsight, nothing much happens. But then you realize the movie is not about what happens, but the way the protagonists react to the events around them. The protagonists in this film, of course, are the Beatles and the film follows them through a day of their lives. Borrowing styles and techniques of the French New Wave, Richard Lester’s British New Wave film attempts to fit those techniques in a very British social and cultural context. I think the reason I liked the film so much is because I liked the characters. They weren’t big pop stars or even wanted to be – rather, they were just young adults who, not having any real responsibility, looked to goof around and create humorous obstacles for themselves. Though the characters do have a good time doing nothing for the most part, I think the film reaffirms the idea of the status quo – of the working man. And while living a life devoid of any real perseverance and hardship is fun and stylistic, there is never any real meaning to it. Granted, the filmmakers were not trying to send that message as the film was mostly meant to be a wagon for the Beatles but still – I think it’s kind of a cool side-effect. The style itself is probably the coolest part of the movie. Taking the experimental parts of the French New Wave and putting those in a consumerist culture mindset really created some zany, quirky, and awesome moments – with the humor, visuals, and tone.


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