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Movie #155 Assassination of a High School President

In Uncategorized on March 7, 2011 at 10:19 AM

Movie #155 Assassination of a High School President

(2009, US, d. Brett Simon)

Though I found the movie to be quite humorous, a compliment to the film’s leading star Reece Thompson, Assassination doesn’t have the same intelligent vibe and complex traits possessed by its far superior counterpart Brick. This film attempts to be a modern day film noir, but what the filmmakers didn’t realize was that film noir is not something to be¬†mimicked, but is something to be recreated, as Brick did. The filmmakers of the past didn’t find humor in noir but found a gritty attitude to express their new and disillusioned views on the world. Though I understand what the filmmakers were trying to do (create comedy) through this, the film rarely succeeded in making me laugh when it was trying to mock a genre it was not. The real humorous parts of the movie came from the characters that were introduced: the nervous yet talented newspaper writer (Thompson), the ex-Marine principal (Bruce Willis), the jock president, the drug-addicted student council, etc… The film didn’t receive too much commercial attention, though I think this was due to its failing production company – Yari Film Group, but I believe it would have done fairly well at the box office. This isn’t a film that will be remembered in time but by no means is a waste of one.


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