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Movie #160 Black Death

In Uncategorized on March 12, 2011 at 8:26 PM

Movie #160 Black Death

(2010, UK/Germany, d. Christopher Smith)

This review does contain some spoilers: Arguably one of the worst films I’ve seen in this MAD Challenge, Black Death is a movie that does make an honest effort to be good, but just fails miserably. The thing that confused me though is the influx of great reviews flowing in about this film. Let me just say it bluntly: This film sucked. Even as a gore fest, it failed. It’s about a young monk named Osmund (played well by Eddie Redmayne) who decides to travel with an unredeemable group of soldiers searching for a village where the disease has not spread. In fact, there are rumors of witchcraft and necromancy floating about. The disease I am referring to, of course, is the Black Plague. I couldn’t even tell you what happened from there (literally almost: I fell asleep for like 15 minutes). They get caught, are forced to renounce God for their lives, they don’t, and are killed. The second the first credit ran, I was running for the door, not having been affected by a single moment of the film. It’s poorly structured, its message was lackluster, and there are zero thrills in a film that promised to excite from beginning to close. Even Sean Bean, who always manages to brighten up a film’s promise, feels like a failed C-list actor here. The violence is almost pathetic, used as a crutch to get bored customers back to paying attention, and the characters…I just won’t start on them. I’d stay away from this film, even when it inevitably finds it way to Netflix Instant.


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