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Movie #169 Chaos Theory

In Uncategorized on March 23, 2011 at 10:06 PM

Movie #169 Chaos Theory

(2008, US, d. Marcos Siega)

The problem with romantic comedies is that even when they’re a little different, they’re the same. And though they’ll always remain a favorite genre of mine, it’s very easy to overload on them. Chaos Theory is a decent (at best) film with an always-likeable Ryan Reynolds, its biggest problem being that it just leans a little too much on being safe. The movie has potential. It’s occasionally laugh-out loud funny and the core of the second-act conflict lies is quite promising, but like all romantic comedies, it falls too easily in the the trap of being predictable, thereby ruining any real chance of character development. There’s nothing more to say about the film – it’s about a guy named Ed who has a tick with writing down his every plan on notecards and having to perform all the tasks on the card. He’s a motivational speaker who gives speeches about time management and when his well-meaning wife (a wasted performance by Emily Mortimer) sets the clock back 10 minutes in their home, everything starts going wrong. But who cares about the plot? We all know what happens. Like usual.


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