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Movie #179 Run Lola Run

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Movie #179 Run Lola Run

(1998, Germany, d. Tom Tykwer)

A modern-day example of postmodernism, Run Lola Run is at its core, a very compelling thriller. It tells the story of Lola (played by Franka Potente – of the Bourne trilogy) who must find a way to retrieve 100,000 German marks in just 20 minutes. If she doesn’t, her boyfriend is dead. However, the movie plays out more like a video game on drugs. Split up into three sequences, Lola fails in one and then starts over from the beginning of the next – seeming to have learned lessons from the previous narrative. Though without any logical reasoning to the madness, for some reason, it seems to work. The audience not only demands no answer, but almost takes it as if it was a logical step in the sequence. As Lola runs, we are witness to many forms and styles of storytelling – video, film, animation, photography, homage, soap-opera styles, music video, thriller, etc.. But the greatness of the film lies in the fact that these bits and pieces are put together so well that no one really seems to notice. Take that back. They do notice, but it just adds to the enjoyability of the movie. Taking you on an almost non-stop ride, Tykwer’s electronica music is another bit that just seems to work. Usually this type of score is the sign of a weak film or a cheap action-flick starring Jason Statham, but here again is another element that just clicks into place. Understanding Run Lola Run through the individual parts that make it up is a fallacious way of looking it, because to me, it’s much larger than the sum of it all. A very fast-paced and original ride.

  1. Saw this in film class. Great film.

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