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Movie #187 The Other Guys

In Uncategorized on April 23, 2011 at 11:57 PM

Movie #187 The Other Guys

(2010, US, d. Adam McKay)

I saw The Other Guys in theaters when it first came out, and though the film was a lot funnier the second time around, I think it was due to my significantly lowered expectations. Though McKay and Ferrell are a great team, it is not the casting here that it is the problem. And to be honest, the script isn’t even all that bad. Parts of it – including the life and untimely deaths of two cops (played wonderfully by Dwayne Johnson and Sam Jackson) are pure genius. It is the editing here that is the problem. Every set-up is botched, every punchline ruined, and every action scene cut way, way, way too much. I understand that the film is an action-comedy, but action-comedies need good action as well. The shots were all there, but editor Brent White, who has worked wonders on most of Apatow’s stuff and the previous McKay film Step Brothers, just falls apart here. The funniest joke of the film – the last time we see Johnson and Jackson’s police characters – was more jarring than hilarious. It was only funny thinking back on it, and that delayed reaction is due to its faulty editing. Apart from the editing, The Other Guys, despite its strangely positive reviews, doesn’t compare with many recent comedies. I chuckled a lot, sure, but that’s not really any sort of standard for a movie. Wahlberg, as usual, is only as good as the movie he’s in: Here, he is merely OK playing the perpetually angry cop who just wants to kick some ass. The relationship between Ferrell and Wahlberg is good, but it lacks the magical chemistry that a comedy needs to be considered great. Step Brothers had it. The Hangover had it. Forgetting Sarah Marshall had it. But The Other Guys only shows signs of possibly having it. In conclusion, a decent film, but nothing to write home about.

And can anyone explain to me what was going on with those ending credits?


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