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Movie #195 Blazing Saddles

In Uncategorized on May 8, 2011 at 12:17 AM

 Movie #195 Blazing Saddles

(1974, US, d. Mel Brooks)

Tastes have changed. What was funny yesterday isn’t funny today anymore. The strange thing about comedy is that it doesn’t work the same way film styles do. It doesn’t change decade by decade, but rather era by era. I remember laughing at Mel Brooks’ earlier pieces as a child and still remember the generations above me commenting on its long-lasting humor: This movie wasn’t funny. Scratch that – it’s very effective at the humor it tries to provide, but the modern audience member won’t appreciate it as much as it should be appreciated. It’s slapstick, non-specific filmmaking – all jokes are possible in this world created by Mel Brooks. A spoof on the Western genre, Blazing Saddles the most forgettable film I’ve seen in awhile. Granted, I haven’t written a review in far longer than I should have, and to my regular viewers, please take this as a sincere apology – finals season has kicked in at school and maintaining an active blog has it challenges. That said, however, Blazing Saddles is simply outdated. Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little provide excellent turns and for those into this type of film, I give it a thumbs up. But for everyone else who tends to agree with me, this will not be your cup of tea.


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