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Movie #206 All Good Things

In Uncategorized on May 17, 2011 at 4:24 AM

Movie #206 All Good Things

(2010, US, d. Andrew Jarecki)

One of those films that become more chilling discovering it was based off true events, All Good Things is also a film that becomes that much better with its casting. One of the finest all-around actors in Hollywood, Ryan Gosling plays David Marks, the son of a prominent real estate mogul in New York City in the early 70’s. With no intention of ever running the family business, Marks is content in playing the rebel and doing whatever he wants. This is how he meets Katie McCarthy (played by the talented Kirsten Dunst). They live happily ever after for awhile, until Marks’ problems begin to rise to the surface again. I wouldn’t say the writing here is exceptionally complex, but it’s the strength of Gosling that allows it to be. Gosling gives his character a beautiful dimension, allowing the audience to appreciate all the (very different) layers. A victim of severe post-traumatic disorders, David Marks slowly digresses into the monster that defines most of the third act of the movie. The best part of this, though, is watching Gosling become this character. Gosling allows us to notice the small quirks and the tiny character traits that slowly develop into the characteristics of a madman. It’s the way he looks at Katie, the way he speaks to her, to himself, and the way he observes things that begin to change throughout the film. All Good Things is a film that spans three decades and surprisingly manages to hold the tension throughout. Though at the end it swerves a little too much into the thriller genre (I would have preferred a much more emotional climax considering the events that have already occurred), I must take into consideration this is sort of based on a true story. But to be honest, regardless of the suspense or thrills, it’s all a Gosling story here.


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