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Movie #208 Groundhog Day

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Movie #208 Groundhog Day

(1993, US, d. Harold Ramis)

Relying completely on the likes of Bill Murray and a tight script, Groundhog Day delivers a surprisingly high amount of legitimate laughs for an “old” comedy. One of the best written films of that decade, still used in screenwriting classes as an example, the film follows every formulaic device possible, except it does it with flair. Every character is unique – our protagonist (Bill Murray) is barely likable but hilarious. The premise is original. A weatherman gets having to repeat the same day (Groundhog Day in Pennsylvania) over and over again until he learns to change something. The set-ups are numerous, but every single one of them is paid off. And, the sarcasm is just brilliant. For the first time in my life, I can see why Bill Murray is a star. Nothing up to this point has convinced me, but in Groundhog Day, he is really something special. Even the funny bit parts don’t compare to him. Written by Harold Ramis and Danny Rubin, the best part of the film is that they managed to get the audience to like the most unlikable person on the planet. Murray’s character is mean, sarcastic, completely selfish, and expects things to go his way all the time. But every decision he makes in his repetition of the same day is something the audience has thought he should do at some point. Though completely unrelatable, every decision he makes is rational and grounded (get it?). It’s just a great character study out of something that didn’t have to be at all.But again, bottom line: it’s just funny.

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