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Movie #211 Blue Velvet

In Uncategorized on May 26, 2011 at 9:09 PM

Movie #211 Blue Velvet

(1986, US, d. David Lynch)

It’s always a treat to watch a film from an auteur who has a truly unique perspective of the world. The little town in America we are witness to in Blue Velvet, though on the surface a regular town, is one of the strangest places film can take us. Nothing is what it appears to be and everything that simply is isn’t what is assumed. It’s a weird movie – but it’s one of those movies that you literally can’t take your eyes off of until the final credits start to roll. There is something trancing about this film, something hypnotizing, something so creepy in its innocence, you must finish it. Kyle MacLachlan plays Jeffrey Beaumont, a high school graduate who finds a severed human ear in the middle of a field and begins a personal investigation of the matter. The images Lynch shows us here are not images we’ve ever seen before. Perhaps, part of the appeal is experiencing a strange high of sexuality, perversity, and violence that we haven’t experienced in anywhere but adult theaters. Perhaps, it is the mystery – which works on a very film noir¬†level. The characters are wacky and insane – Dennis Hopper plays one of the cruelest, scariest villains to be put on celluloid. But at the same time, the film works on a comedic level. It challenges us to not accept what is going on at face value and instead laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation. That’s my take on it, at least. I’m sure no two people have identical opinions about this film. Blue Velvet takes you on a riveting and original journey into the dark spots of Happy Town, America. It exposes us to naive romances and gritty, perverse sexuality. It revels in its depiction of a calm police force and the raw violence of actuality. It is a film about irony and taking audiences for a ride. One of the best films in the MAD Challenge, Blue Velvet is a powerhouse of a film.


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