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Movie #213 Collapse

In Uncategorized on May 27, 2011 at 9:16 PM

Movie #213 Collapse

(2009, US, d. Chris Smith)

There’s not much to analyze about the documentary from a filmmaking perspective. Borrowing a lot of style and technique from Errol Morris, Collapse is pretty much a few shots of one guy talking, supplemented by the occasional image or video. That guy, though, is what makes the movie. His name is Michael Ruppert, and he’s known in the media as the biggest conspiracy theorist around. Had I known that before I’d seen the film, I might have reacted differently, but still – the points he makes here are so scary, I’m still thinking about them a week and a half later. Collapse deals with the concept of “peak oil” – basically that the world (according to a certain graph I can’t remember the name of) has passed the highest point of oil production possible. We are now on the decline of this slope, and rising oil prices only prove it. Ruppert’s almost end-of-the-world theory he propones in this documentary is scary, because he leads up to it with small, believable points that culminate in him saying something like “and that’s why the world is going to reach an infrastructure meltdown in the next few years”. To be honest, I had to research counterarguments to this film just to set my mind at ease. I highly recommend watching this film, just to allow your brain to chew over some interesting and quite compelling stuff. It’s a very scary film. But in a real sense, if you know what I mean. Watching the documentary is also an interesting character study of the lonely, so genuine he seems crazy at times Michael Ruppert.


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