Aneesh Chaganty

Movie #222 Monsters Inc

In Uncategorized on June 10, 2011 at 9:03 PM

Movie #222 Monsters Inc

(2001, US, d. Pete Docter, Lee Unkrich, David Silverman)

Another gem from the Pixar vault, Monsters Inc also happens to be my favorite animated film of all time. Forget the fact that its writing is impeccable, its jokes actually funny, the voice acting wonderful, and the visual effects (for the time) revolutionary, especially in regards to the hair on Sully. Monsters Inc is simply the most original animated film in years. I’ve always been a fan of new experiences and new stories – not just doing something well but doing something new well. To me Monsters Inc represents the forefront of the quest for originality. It’s lead characters are monsters who make a living providing energy to their monster town. The way they provide energy? Travelling from room to room, city to city, country to country, harnessing the screams of little children as they scare them at night before bed. The mechanics of this film will make your draw drop and if you haven’t seen it, I suggest watching it as soon as possible. It’s Pixar’s best film to date and a truly enjoyable ride.


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