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Movie #223 Stone

In Uncategorized on June 10, 2011 at 9:14 PM

Movie #223 Stone

(2010, US, d. John Curran)

There’s something about Stone that lingers with you a little after the movie is over. Perhaps it was because it takes a very overexploited and generally poorly produced genre and twists it into a thinking piece. Perhaps it is the standout performance of not the usually pitch-perfect Edward Norton, but the calm and collected Robert De Niro. Stone is a film that takes place mostly in the counselor’s office of a federal prison. De Niro plays Jack Mabry, a counselor who meets a criminal named “Stone” (played by Norton) who is doing everything in his power to get out of prison early. One of those things in his power is his wife: the seductive Lucetta Creeson (played by the incredibly sexy Milla Jovovich). This is the story of Lucetta and Jack as she begins to play every card in her book to lure him into bed, after which she plans on blackmailing Mabry into finding a way to release Stone. A sexual thriller at its core, Stone is a film that is also enveloped in the idea of morality and religion. Questions of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ set in the Bible Belt of the United States are pondered here and they are done so unexpectedly effectively. Though it is a movie that fades from memory in the following weeks, Stone is a movie I still recommend to viewers who are looking for an actually thought-provoking sexual thriller in the age of films like Chloe and Basic Instinct 2.


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