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Movie #224 Kick-Ass

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Movie #224 Kick-Ass 

(2010, US, d. Matthew Vaughn)

Kick-Ass is a hard film to get into, but consciously so. It takes a genre we all know and love  – the superhero movie – and stomps on it until it bleeds to death and then attempts to recreate it through the broken bones and pieces of skin left. It’s a crude description, but one that really describes this film well. Kick-Ass is gory, incredibly inappropriate, highly violent, sexual, and extremely, extremely disturbing. But at the same time, it’s a feel-good film, a true knock-out, and an example of wonderful storytelling from director Matthew Vaughn. It’s shot and edited like a true comic book but its descriptions of comic book events are subverted by the horrifying real effects of comic book actions. In the first scene our protagonist suits up as his alter ego and attempts to stop a burglary, he is stabbed multiple times and then run over by a car, placing him in an ambulance and with a permanent disability. It is this disability, though, that he is able to exploit and become an even stronger superhero. Gaining the attention of the Internet population first, this superhero, named Kick-Ass, makes it very known he is out to stop crime. His first real test comes in the form of a local kingpin – also the father of a nerdy student who attends his high school, a classic comic archetype. Kick-Ass is loaded with non-stop action, explosions (buildings and people), deaths, and fighting – but possesses also a grotesque originality and perspective of the whole superhero genre. It feels a lot like roadkill. We know it’s disgusting, but we just can’t help but slow down and admire it’s beauty.

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