Aneesh Chaganty

Movie #228 The Hangover: Part II

In Uncategorized on June 26, 2011 at 11:18 PM

Movie #228 The Hangover: Part II

(2011, US, d. Todd Phillips)

Sequel to one of the funniest films ever made (The Hangover), The Hangover: Part II is also one of those films that can be described in just a few words: worst movie of 2011. I’m serious. It’s one thing to make a bad movie; it’s another completely different thing to make a lazy movie. This film crosses no new boundaries (except for a geographical one) and enters no new terrain compared to the last one. Every joke is recycled, every line re-used, every bit as uninspired as the last. When you look at it as a whole, it’s one giant piece of garbage that literally relies on the success and humor of the original movie to land every joke in the sequel. Apart from re-using, the film also did a fairly fantastic job of butchering every single character we came to love in the first, save Phil’s (played by Bradley Cooper). Phil is still a prick, though I can’t imagine writing him was anything too difficult. The biggest massacre came through Stu’s (Ed Helms). Over the course of the night, the writers manage to completely destroy every piece of moral fiber of his the audience came to love, just for the sake of a joke. Even Alan isn’t that funny. Leaving the theater, you realize there are no lines you remember, nothing you can quote, and especially nothing you can remember genuinely laughing at.


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