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Movie #239 Kung Fu Panda 2

In Uncategorized on July 19, 2011 at 5:17 AM

Movie #239 Kung Fu Panda 2

(2011, US, d. Jennifer Yuh)

Apart from the Toy Story franchise, it’s something most animated film studios get wrong: the sequel. Even Pixar failed this year with the horrendous Cars 2. But that said, I’m happy to report that Kung Fu Panda 2 deserves a huge high five, not only for making a good film, but for making a sequel that didn’t rely on the original in the first place. Though its fat jokes are still there in plenty, the sequel sets a different tone for itself. We are introduced to a new story, but an interesting story nevertheless: Why is Po (voiced again by Jack Black) have a father who is a goose? On that simple premise, we are re-introduced the world of Kung Fu but this time a fat panda has something to say about it. Though the end of the movie does happen a little too quick and the entire enemy weapon turns out to have a little too simple of a weakness, it is the story that is key here. Po is forced to beat the bad guys, but the only way he is able to do that is if he is able to come to terms with his past. Featuring an all-star voice cast including Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu, Seth Rogen, and others, Kung Fu Panda has enough of a character arsenal as well to keep the dialogue interesting and spicy. Simple and sweet, Dreamworks Animation scores another winner in a summer that doesn’t have too much to boast about.


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