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Movie #240 Ocean’s 13

In Uncategorized on July 19, 2011 at 5:35 AM

Movie #240 Ocean’s 13

(2007, US, d. Steven Soderbergh)

There’s not much to comment on about Ocean’s 13, apart from saying it’s fun. As far as the acting goes, there’s not much of that here. It seems as if the A-list group of actors sort of rolled out of bed in costume and said their lines. As far as the directing goes, the shots are all over the place, sometimes zooming in suddenly on a character’s face or zooming out way past traditional filmmaking styles. As far as the story goes, they pretty much tread the same ground as they did in the earlier films here: a few guys are out for revenge and aim to steal a lot of money from his casino. But this said, Ocean’s 13 does have the supreme advantage of being fun. Somehow, all these eclectic pieces work together. The lack of acting comes off as sly humor. The strange directing comes off as a strategy to keep you on your toes. And the story feels… fresh. With the huge, albeit same, payoff and traditional Ocean’s structure, the third film in the franchise, does a surprising job of getting its jokes across, even though half of them are purposively written to confuse the audience. Fun, funny, and occasionally kind of smart, Ocean’s 13 is an easy film to watch (perhaps a little long) but one that rewards viewers with more than they put in.


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