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Movie #242 Swingers

In Uncategorized on July 27, 2011 at 6:02 PM

Movie #242 Swingers

(1996, US, d. Doug Liman)

The early directorial debut of Doug Liman is the comedy film Swingers, which is strange considering his now semi-large filmography. Operating the camera himself, Liman is the final piece of the puzzle that adds “independent comedy” all over this film. Though its title may suggest the film is about some experimental couples, Swingers is in fact about a single guy named Mike (played by Jon Favreau, who also penned the film). A young and out-of-work comedian in Los Angeles, he tirelessly searches for love, or really any semblance of it, with his not-really-on-the-same-page friend Trent (played by an almost unrecognizably skinny Vince Vaughn). They go to parties, talk about life, make a spontaneous trip to Vegas, hit on some waitresses, and get into other shenanigans but Mike is never happy. Just having got out of a four relationship, his mind is still set on his ex. Every girl he looks at is another he cheated with. Every line he pulls is a betrayal of trust. Swingers is a wonderfully comedic and post-modern film that echoes the troubles of a young and carefree lifestyle. It is about growing up and learning to move past obstacles in our past, when everything ahead of us is as bumpy as before. A social phenomenon on its own, introducing a bunch of new catchphrases into colloquial English, Swingers is insightful, exciting, but mostly really, really funny (It’s also awesome to watch people play NHL in a movie)


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