Aneesh Chaganty

Movie #247 My Cousin Vinny

In Uncategorized on August 2, 2011 at 5:57 PM

Movie #247 My Cousin Vinny

(1992, US, d. Jonathan Lynn)

I’ll say it simply: My Cousin Vinny is one of the funniest films of all time. And I don’t mean funny because you know the events on-screen are humorous and well-written, even though you are not laughing. I mean that My Cousin Vinny is one of the funniest films of all time because I couldn’t stop laughing the whole way through. The film works a lot like Modern Family (to compare it to a modern example). It sets up a bunch of a stuff and then watches it play out in the worst way possible. The only catch: the stakes are much, much higher. When two friends are wrongfully accused of murder on a college road trip through the middle of a small Alabama town, one of their mothers tells them there is an attorney in the family: Vinny (played by Joe Pesci). The only problem they soon discover: Vinny is just a personal injury lawyer. A new one at that. He just passed his bar. After 6 years and 6 tries. And he’s never had trial experience. He’s also brought his sharply¬†opinionated girlfriend with him (played by Marisa Tomei, in an Oscar-winning role). It’s one of those films you couldn’t imagine anything except Mr. Pesci. He invigorates every frame with such enthusiasm and naiviete that you just can’t help but laugh at every thing he says. But even better than that, the film allows us to root for him. Whether or not he will overcome the incredible challenges of the American Judicial System is something I won’t reveal, but the journey to that conclusion is more than worth it.


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