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Movie #248 Casino Royale

In Uncategorized on August 2, 2011 at 6:09 PM

Movie #248 Casino Royale

(2006, UK, d. Martin Campbell)

Daniel Craig (who plays the new James Bond in this film) originally declined the role after being offered. Since most Bond films are the same thing over and over again, he had better things to think about. That’s when he read the script. Casino Royale is unlike any Bond film previous to it. It doesn’t allow Bond the usual claustrophobic character arc he usually gets. Rather it starts at the beginning, where is actually sort of unrecognizable. The only thing he shares with the Bond we know is the the name and the newly acquired 007 status. Casino Royale is a film about growing, perhaps in the wrong direction. It is a film that uses its complexity to its advantage, thereby also making the older Bond films look like a children’s story. This James Bond is darker, grittier, scarier, and more importantly less in control. He makes mistakes, isn’t suave, allows himself to fall in love, and therein begins to harm the ones closest to him. Casino Royale is the first part in a much larger story arc. It is about James Bond becoming James Bond, and the villains he faces on the way. These villains are maniacal little people who want to rule the world. They’re much smarter and scarier than that. They’re interested in money. In the stock market. In shares. In weapons ammunition. The writers are able to take Bond and apply him to a modern era. Sure, viewers have been turned off by the film because it was nothing like anything they’d ever seen before, but you have to give the filmmakers some props for that. They were willing to risk billions of dollars of franchise money off of something new… and something experimental. I think it worked though.


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