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Movie #274 Minority Report

In Uncategorized on August 16, 2011 at 6:31 AM

Movie #274 Minority Report

(2002, US, d. Steven Spielberg)

Among a very exclusive list of my top 10 favorite films of all time, Minority Report represents some of the best output Hollywood can provide. A wonderful combination of popcorn entertainment and actual intelligent thought, this Steven Spielberg film combines incredible source material from Phillip K. Dick with a very talented writing team in Jon Cohen and Scott Frank. In my opinion, Minority Report represents the perfect plot. And by that I don’t mean that the structure is anything new. In fact, it pretty much follows formula. But the reason this film succeeds is because every single plot point on that chain of formula is so well-written that every single plot point is a wonderful revelation to the audience. This film is set-up and payoff heaven. It is a film that, through an act of genius, can somehow lay eggs within our head without anyone questioning whether or not that egg will come back full circle by the end of the film. Every plot point is a payoff and that makes it for a great film already. Secondly, the issues of pre-crime, life and death and choice raised by Spielberg and the filmmaking crew here are profound. Regardless of the genre, these guys are able to transcend all that and put forward actual debate-worthy topics, all through the use of a quite effective action film. That action, as well, is some of the best Hollywood can give. Propelled of course through complexities and depth of character, every explosion means something, every gun means something, and yes, even the umbrellas do too (You’ll get that once you see it). Now mix all of those and add my favorite and one of the most talented actors working today and you got yourself one hell of a movie. A few steps ahead of modern action-intelligent films like Inception and The Matrix, this Tom Cruise/Steven Spielberg collaboration is one of the reasons I want to make movies. A shame it wasn’t nominated for any Oscars, Minority Report is filmmaking at its best. And that ladies and gentlemen, is near is impossible to achieve.


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