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Movie #278 Jurassic Park

In Uncategorized on August 20, 2011 at 1:53 AM

Movie #278 Jurassic Park

(1993, US, d. Steven Spielberg)

Jurassic Park is not an actor’s showcase, nor is it a showcase of visual effects. It is not really a showcase to writing or even the art direction. It is a showcase of director Steven Spielberg. I often wonder how this film would have turned out in any other director’s hands. Considering the material, the potential of this film could have been astronomically low. It could have been just another B-movie with cheap effects and terrible acting that just went on by in the box office without making a single splash. But it was Spielberg who turned it into what it was. A film that transcended genre, transcended tastes, and transcended critical versus popular opinions. Jurassic Park was not only revolutionary in bringing the caliber of visuals it brought to the screen, but also because it allowed audiences to be amazed at things a child could imagine. It became, what Speilberg created with Jaws, a “blockbuster”. A film now so common among summer production releases, it is hard to imagine a time without them. But here Speilberg is able to create a film with heart and with passion and with love that just happens to take place in a park with dinosaurs. Tension is delivered incredibly, the performances are wonderful, and the visuals are part of a masterpiece. It is a film that will forever live on as a classic. So perfect, it almost doesn’t even deserve my praise.


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