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Movie #280 Meet the Parents

In Uncategorized on August 21, 2011 at 9:47 PM

Movie #280 Meet the Parents

(2000, US, d. Jay Roach)

Before the politics of 9/11 and the influx of terrorism fears and jihad worries, there were simple comedies. Before the era of true raunchy began, we had the PG13 film that pushed the envelope in sly ways – ways that would have your kid look up at you at the movie theater with a questioning look rather than with a devilish grin. Meet the Parents has its explicit moments, but these are moments from the heart and moments that come from a truly loveable story. Ben Stiller plays the infamous Greg Focker, a male nurse who recently proposed to girl of his dreams. The only problem: her father (played by Robert DeNiro) is a nightmare. Meet the Parents is a comedy with heart. Not only does it make you laugh and make you care, but deep down you know that the comedy stems from a true and honest story, rather than some financial need to get a laugh at Point B and a really raunchy one at Point C. It is a film that is at once smart and dumb. It is a film that is at once classic and modern. And it is a film that can be both sad and funny at the same time. Jay Roach, in one of his only true gems, directs what I think is a masterpiece here. Drawing upon the gangster characters DeNiro used to play, Meet the Parents is funny, enjoyable, and most of all, has the heart required to tell a comedic story.


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