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Movie #282 Big

In Uncategorized on August 22, 2011 at 12:53 AM

Movie #282 Big

(1988, US, d. Penny Marshall)

One of the classic screenwriting class examples, Big is a film that is funny, honest, and touching. There’s always something magical about a movie that can suspend the audience’s belief without even feeling like they ever did. Big is one of those films. When Josh Baskin realizes everything he wants in his life can only come from being a little older, he asks a fortune-telling carnival machine if he could just be bigger. The next morning, he’s 30 years older and played by Tom Hanks. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for these types of films and lately, I have been gravitating towards them in my filmmaking and writing styles. They take a simple premise, stretch it out, fill it with wonderful scenes, but still maintain that heart that gets people in the audience smiling. And though Tom Hanks gives a wonderful turn as the adolescent-turned-adult who gives the corporate world a run for their money, the real star of this film is the writing. Writers Gary Ross and Anne Spielberg are able to tell a wonderfully paced and interesting story, filled with unique characters and intriguing subplots. The jokes are honest, the situations are honest, and the people are honest. What more can you really ask for? Everyone knows the famous scene from the film when Tom Hanks and his boss (Robert Loggia) end up playing “Chopsticks” on the giant keyboard at FAO Shwartz. But there’s so much more to this film: in particular, every other scene.


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