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Movie #288 Tangled

In Uncategorized on August 24, 2011 at 3:46 AM

Movie #288 Tangled

(2010, US, d. Nathan Greno, Byron Howard)

Congratulations are due to Disney. After years of trailing Pixar in the animated film department finally comes Tangled, a film that returns Disney’s powerhouse glory of storytelling magic to the screen in digital form. Basically the story of Rapunzel adapted a little bit, Tangled tells the story of – well – Rapunzel as she trapped by a semi-evil fake mother in a tall, tall tower. Her fake mother keeps her for her hair, which allows her to stay as young as she wants. She warns Rapunzel of the dangers of the real world and how everyone will take advantage of her, but naturally as Rapunzel grows, she wants to explore. In comes Flynn Rider (voiced by the star of TV’s Chuck Zachary Levi) who after being blackmailed by Rapunzel for reasons I will not go into, agrees to escort her to the king’s palace on her birthday – the place she has always wanted to visit. But of course, when her fake mother finds out, you can imagine the terrors that abound. Tangled is a film that rediscovers the magic of Disney – it is within their story and within their character that audiences find love, not the billion dollar pirate franchises that just keep rolling out new films every few years. It is the magic of a simple story told very well that will always leave an audience wanting more. It has songs and dances, but don’t let that discourage you from watching this film. In fact, even I found myself glued to the screen at parts. Campy but well told, Tangled is not only a wonderful adaptation of a classic story, but it is also a wonderful and magical story in and of itself.


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