Aneesh Chaganty

Movie #308 Mission: Impossible 2

In Uncategorized on August 28, 2011 at 8:55 PM

Movie #308 Mission: Impossible 2

(2000, US, d. John Woo)

Objectively, and even as much of a Tom Cruise fan I am, I have to say that this film doesn’t really measure up to any filmmaking milestones. In other words, to be more blunt: It’s not that good. From a story perspective, it’s not too complex. From an acting perspective, there’s not much to really work with in the first place. From a thematic perspective, I don’t really know what the film is about. But from a visual and action perspective, this movie is freaking awesome. We first see IMF Agent Ethan Hunt free climbing giant Canyons without a single rope. He jumps from one to another (the sequence is wonderfully shot, mind you. It almost looks real) putting himself at risk of experiencing a very long drop more than once. From there, the film just really never stops. M:i-2 follows basic Hollywood sequel formula: take what made the original great, and for better or worse, multiply it by 3 and put it in an elaborate sequel that sucks the life out of a film (even Tom’s hair seemed to follow this rule here). The explosions are bigger, the jumps are huge, and the gunshots are wild. It still maintains the international aspect that kept the first film so interesting, but in the process of making a sequel, it loses the heart that the first film and even the third one had so much of. It’s a cheap film, but an awesome film to look at. But at least the theme song still makes everything look badass.


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