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Movie #312 Step Up 3D

In Uncategorized on August 29, 2011 at 6:00 PM

Movie #312 Step Up 3D

(2010, US, d. 2010)

Style over substance: the ultimate mantra of the modern filmmaker. When will storytellers part of the young generation realize it doesn’t take a well framed shot to tell a good story, it doesn’t take a cool effect to tell a story, it doesn’t take some new thing to captivate the audience. There has only ever been one thing to do that and that has been the infusion of character and plot. Nothing else. Nothing more. Up and coming director Jon Chu demonstrates this theory of mine with the horrendous, but visually stunning film Step Up 3D. To compare this film to a porno would probably be the most relevant comparison. Step Up 3D is like a porno. The plot lines are cheap, the acting terrible, the casting even worse (Who is this ‘Moose’ kid? Why is he even in this movie?), and the writing superficial to say the least. These are the scenes you want to watch for context but if you find yourself hitting the ‘fast-forward’ button, don’t blame yourself. It’s totally natural. We all want to get to the good stuff. Now the dance. That is freaking awesome. Demonstrating the same sort of visuals (just not as cool) as he did with the Bieber documentary Never Say Never, Chu’s camera is like magic, never stopping, never ceasing to amaze the audience with the crazy dance sequences that take up screen-time. For a sequel (a second one at that), the dancing feels new and invigorated with life, and that is definitely a compliment to the filmmakers… or at least the choreographers. It’s fun at least. But don’t watch it when you pay attention to something. I suggest the porn story lines over this.


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