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Movie #332 Mission: Impossible

In Uncategorized on September 3, 2011 at 9:24 PM

Movie #332 Mission: Impossible

(1996, US, d. Brian de Palma)

From esteemed director Brian de Palma comes one of the most enjoyable films of 2006, the first in the franchise – Mission: Impossible. It’s an action-packed film that takes you all across the globe as we watch IMF Special Agent Ethan Hunt (played by the much younger Tom Cruise, still in his glory days) fight for his innocence. It’s a film that made a bunch of money, but yet critics were still divided. I don’t see that too difficult to comprehend. For Mission: Impossible was a great film in the sense that what it lacked for in some departments, it made up for tenfold in others. What’s missing in this film is character, any human dialogue, and real and genuine interaction. We are watching people we start to like and the worst thing a movie can (unintentionally) do for us is not give us anything about them (This year’s Drive is an exception to this rule). But to be honest, by the time the credits start rolling, we realize we couldn’t have cared less – as an audience member that is. For what it lacks in character is made up for fully by a plot that never stops moving, constant action, perpetual motion, and a powerhouse of a soundtrack (Yes it does make a difference). It’s a film that is so cool and so original, you can’t help but suspend all disbelief and just watch, mouth ajar, as the incredible Ethan Hunt performs feats of theatrical magic under extreme duress. All we can do is hope and pray. For a sequel, that is.


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