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Movie #339 Napoleon Dynamite

In Uncategorized on September 6, 2011 at 5:21 AM

Movie #339 Napoleon Dynamite

(2004, US, d. Jared Hess, Jerusha Hess)

I still don’t find this movie funny. I’ve seen it so many times and apart from the very quotable dialogue in the film, there’s not many redeeming factors about it. This is not a good film. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong. I mean that. This film does what it tries to do very well, but I don’t think this is a necessarily good film on its own. First off, my biggest rule about independent cinema: just making a character look and feel off-beat and too quirky for school doesn’t qualify you as an exceptional writer. It’s the same problem with Juno. No one can relate to this guy. You just watch him to really weird things and sometimes make a funny joke. The same goes for that character’s wants and needs. You can’t just make everything weird. It’s lazy filmmaking. It’s lazy screenwriting. Now given all of these elements, I think Napoleon Dynamite took what it had and made the best film it could out of it. It’s weird but it’s shot right. The placement within the frame is wonderful and the art design also does great things for the movie. If you take this film by element, nothing sticks out. Everyone did their job, including actor Jon Heder. Now this is one of those films where everything doesn’t fall together well. It feels like a jumbled mess. And it sucks.

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