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Movie #341 Adaptation

In Uncategorized on September 6, 2011 at 6:07 AM

Movie #341 Adaptation

(2002, US, d. Spike Jonze)

Adaptation is a hard film to ever fully grasp. My rule is to watch this film every 6 months, because it’s around that time when someone who hasn’t seen it will ask you to explain it and you will have no words to start that conversation. So you watch it again and let the friend know what it’s about. What is it about? Well, Adaptation is one of strangest, weirdest, most touching, poignant, dramatic, comedic, tragic, and insightful films of all time. It also has the supreme advantage of being very, very unique. Well written, well acted, and well conceived, it is a film that forces the audience to give in to the film much more than they normally do. With an unusually high invested interest in the film, the audience is then thrown on a roller coaster ride that leaves you just about as curious as when you first started the film, just more emotionally satisfied. We watch Nicolas Cage as writer Charlie Kaufman who has a twin brother named Donald Kaufman (also played by Cage). Charlie gets the opportunity to adapt a book. He ends up having problems with it. What we end up watching is a semi-adaptation, real life depiction of the true story the book is based on, Charlie’s troubles with adapting it, and a very strange but awesome third act where everything comes together.


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