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Movie #346 The Sandlot

In Uncategorized on September 7, 2011 at 6:24 AM

Movie #346 The Sandlot

(1993, US, d. David Mickey Evans)

There are a few people I know who would take offense to this review. That for a movie as dear to them as this film is, I couldn’t come up with the right combination of words to correctly describe both the slight campiness of the picture yet its redeeming capability to tug at the heartstrings of the child within every one of us, all while simultaneously germinating our heightened patriotism under the pretense of a sport played with a bat, a ball, and a few bases on the grass. ‘Sandlot Baseball’, they call it. And it’s a pastime people take very seriously. Take for example the cool kids on the block. Our protagonist, a small new kid named Scotty Smalls (played by Tom Guiry) doesn’t know a thing about catching a ball. Naturally, he wants friendship and what is everyone else doing? Baseball. The Sandlot is a story about growing up. Told through the perspectives of some strange, albeit hilarious, little kids whose futures you worry about in the back of your head, it is a film about unity. A film highlighted through the ultimate metaphor of life: sports (At least according to filmmaker Claude Lelouch on the power of the sports film), The Sandlot at its core is a children’s comedy, but for those who watched it growing up (which I did not), I can only imagine what it must feel like watching it now. Probably what Home Alone 2 does for me during Christmas time. It is a severely flawed film. Campy, melodramatic, and sometimes too simplistic to be real. But it’s a film that has to be lauded for the same reasons. An unapologetically¬†positive attitude. A wonderful sports story. A sentimental children’s tale. An underdog movie. A kid’s movie. But I can only imagine what it does for those who have grown up with it.


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