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Movie #348 The Blind Side

In Uncategorized on September 8, 2011 at 5:04 AM

Movie #347 The Blind Side

(2009, US, d. John Lee Hancock)

This film was surprisingly well received by critics for being nothing more than your average run of the mill inspirational story. You’ve seen this film a million times, you just haven’t seen it with Sandra Bullock. In fact, she’s the only original and powerful thing about this film. Committing to the role like none other (with an Oscar to prove it), Bullock delivers a powerhouse performance and it’s really something to watch. But apart from that, there’s nothing that will surprise you in the plot of this film. We start off with the kid without the right direction, a good lady who is willing to help, things get better, then things get really bad, then things finally get great. Based on the true story of a real NFL player, I guess that’s another reason why people are able to let go of the disbelief and start to let their campy emotions roll. In fact, this is a film that thrives off the campiness within all of us. It is a film that demands any suspension of disbelief but once you do that, if you do let go to this film, does do a good job of taking you on an emotional ride. Catering to conservative audiences everywhere (and somehow drawing in everyone else as well), it is a film that had the luck of just being released at the right time. And the box office numbers prove that, too.

  1. She was incredible in it. Besides her, though, the film was very emotional, and I can’t help if a movie tugs at my heartstrings.

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