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Movie #353 Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

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Movie #353 Tucker and Dale Vs Evil

(2010, Canada, d. Eli Craig)

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil is the sort of film that you don’t know whether or not you want to see until the movie actually starts. As director Eli Craig stated, it’s really a hard film to sell. But once people actually start watching the first three minutes, they’re hooked. It is a film that is so brilliant, so well-written, so immaculately performed, so delicately directed, and so honestly conceived that you have to step back and really wonder, “Is this actually a horror/comedy slasher flick?”. Tucker and Dale is a film that asks the question (according to Craig), “What if Leatherface was just misunderstood?” “What if it was the college kids who made their own assumptions on a creepy, but well-intentioned man and thereby sentenced themselves to their own deaths? The funniest film of the last two years bar none, Tucker and Dale is a film that is also brilliantly acted. British actor Alan Tudyk is as wonderful as ever in this and so is his partner in crime, played by Tyler Labine. Committing themselves fully to the role, there is no room for any irony or winks to the audience – thereby increasing the comedic factor tenfold. Every character here is a great addition to the film, from the crazed frat star (an awesome performance by Jesse Moss), to the blond stereotype, to the Black friend, to the wimp friend. A wonderful film that had the audience roaring with laughter the whole way through, Tucker and Dale Vs Evil is proof that there can be high intellect in low comedy. It is proof of what some filmmakers can accomplish, given just a little financial backing.

  1. Alan Tudyk is a brilliant actor not a British actor.
    He is actually American from Texas. Alan is a wonderful character actor and tends to steal the scenes he is in. I have been looking forward to this movie for over 2 years since I first saw the trailer. Can’t wait to see it in theaters.

    Long Time Alan Tudyk Fan

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