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“Hitchcock” | MAD Review

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(2012, US, d. Sacha Gervasi)

I had a lot of fun during this film, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Let’s start with the positive: Stylistically fresh, energetic, and self-aware, HItchcock easily surpasses the burdens of its “historical” and “old Hollywood” setting (none of which are bores to me, but others tend to disagree) and injects life into what was essentially an extended “Making Of” featurette you would expect on the Special Features of a film…in this case, Psycho. I guess that’s what happens when you base a movie on a book entitled “Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho” (written by Stephen Rebello). But that said, I did go into the film hoping for a little more. This may have been my fault, but when you make a movie called Hitchcock, you expect a sort of character study on the man. This film always felt too comfortable. The only real dramatic tension came from the instability of the Hitchcock marriage, and even that – at it’s worst – was a rich, creative partnership. There were moments Hitchcock (played very respectably by Anthony Hopkins) feared, but those were short-lived. I wanted more. This is a film that could have stretched its 1 hour and 30 minute running time by another 45 minutes. It nailed all the plot elements with the right amount of flair and energy, but I was missing the fears and vulnerabilities of the guy the movie was named after. But that said, for what it was, I really enjoyed it. Though this won’t be a film I expect to see making the rounds in the awards season, I do hope for two things: 1. Helen Mirren is recognized for her performance as Alma Hitchcock, easily one the best supporting performances I’ve seen all year and 2. The sound design in this film is not overlooked. Watch out for the latter. It’ll surprise you.


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